1. I passed my oral exam — with honors! I feel shocked, like they made a mistake. Extra special thanks to Kexin for the encouragement, and to everyone who prayed or sent over good vibes. I felt ’em! ❤️

2. I completed my last final on Monday and turned in my final essay on Wednesday afternoon. I’m all the way done. It’s freaky. 
3. My parents are arriving on Sunday for a week-long visit. YAY!!! My sister comes on Tuesday. YAYYY!!!

4. Commencement is Saturday, May 16. Can’t believe it. Overjoyed. Saddened. Looking forward. 

5. Spending a lot of time thinking about jobs … And what I expect of myself. I still think, “I’m too young/not ready/not good enough for _________,” and the blank is anything above what I’ve done so far. I had this moment yesterday where I thought, “HEY. I am 29. I have experience. I have my master’s degree. I know I’m not perfect or the best, but that has to count for SOMEthing.” I have never considered low self-esteem a problem of mine, but I am realizing (such a late bloomer) that I do have to believe in myself and act with confidence. I actually am so shy and afraid 90% of my time awake (and am always surrounded my colleagues better than me), I forget my own skill level is pretty high. So I need to have confidence commensurate with experience. Maybe that’ll be my new catchphrase. 

6. Looking forward to Spoleto Festival USA way more than I thought I would. It’ll be a soft ending to a wonderful two years at WCC. 

7. God is good. Perspective is hard, but God is good. 

Confidence commensurate with experience,